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For business owners who are tired of fussing over fonts, colors & overall brand vibe.

What if you could gain loads of clarity about your brand so that you can stop second-guessing your aesthetic choices & start showing up as a confident professional?

It's 100% possible in this unique 1:1 workshop

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"In Brand Starter Workshop™, Lyndsey (very patiently and methodically) walks you through the process of creating a brand board. After providing a ton of great material to get you started, she helps you to narrow down your vision into something that resonates with your target audience and with you! Brand Starter Workshop™ is a great option for anyone who is just starting out and wants to establish an online presence that looks and feels right."

-Michelle F.

Brand starter workshop™ is for you if you're An ENTREPRENEUR or small biz owner who is...

...tired of looking at endless design ideas on Pinterest and Canva

(which ideas are even "right" for you anyways?)

...ready to pull your hair out when you fiddle with different typestyles and color combinations for the umpteenth time

(surely there is supposed to be some meaning behind these choices, but what? how? >> enter more second-guessing here)

...really eager to get your business to the point where it's gaining traction and you're not "re-doing" your Canva templates every time you log in

(your zone of genius is waiting and you've got actual work to do, amiright?)

Listen, it's entirely possible to hop off this crazy-train.

Yes! I'm ready for help starting my brand vibe!

By the end of our 1:1 workshop, you will have...

complete clarity around your brand's color palette

Your brand palette will be completely rooted in color psychology so you can attract the right clients and stop second-guessing your choices!

Curated typestyles that work for you and not against you

Typography can clash just like colors can. After our workshop you will not only have chosen the "right" typestyles, but you'll understand WHY they work for you.

A stunning and inspiring brand mood board

It's your brand's "look & feel" that will resonate with the right clients and draw them in. Get ready to be EXCITIED when your vision is brought to life in a new way.

Confidence, clarity and your valuable time back

You created your business because you have a skill or gift you know can impact the world. A lot goes in to launching strong, but let's face it... it's easy to get stuck! After our time together you will free up what brainspace was previously spent designing and redesigning. Now you can hold you chin higher, walk a little taller and continue forward into your vision.

An incredibly handy Brand Style Sheet to keep you "on brand" going forward

I'll teach you how to reference your gorgeous Brand Style Sheet in various scenarios to help keep your brand look & feel consistent across your platforms. Building a brand is all about building trust with your audience. You'll now be able to show up confidently and consistently (aka, build trust) without having to reinvent the wheel each time you get on Canva.

"Lyndsey is a talented, down-to-earth, awesome woman. She was so fun to work with and we got a ton done in just the two hours together. I find myself constantly looking through designs and colors and all the things. Having Lyndsey there to walk me through it and bring meaning behind all the decisions not only enhanced my brand but I feel so much more clear and confident in what my business is offering. This is a gorgeous, fun, and very practical action-packed experience of creativity and implementation. Thank you so much, Lyndsey. I look forward to working with you more in the future!"

-Aimee L.

What makes this workshop simple, unique & effective?

Simple, doable "pre-work"


A gorgeous guide & workbook, along with a simple video walk-thru will have you thinking about your brand differently. A couple of "assignments" will be given so you can prep for our 1:1 time together.

There are two simple parts to brand starter workshop™ that will have you confident & on your way to growing your biz quickly!

Our 2-hour 1:1 workshop live online


We'll spend two hours on a video call (just the two of us!), that uniquely blends brand consulting with actually fleshing out your Brand Style Sheet, including colors, fonts and the moodboard.

Finally! A simple way for small business owners to get their brand basics off the ground without the overwhelm!

A one-time payment of


Workshop terms & conditions


Hello, new friend! I don't know about your journey, but entrepreneurship found me accidentally, during a time when I was creating logos for local businesses and running a design side-hustle (literally) from my kitchen.

Fast-forward many years, many mistakes, much growth, oodles of big dreams and yes, an actual office later... and I am now a thriving brand and web designer, focusing on strategic brand and web design that transforms my clients' businesses.

I know what it's like to feel unsure. To feel stuck. To second-guess every.freaking.thing.

Learning how to take my "accidental" business and make it purposeful has given me a unique vantage point, and helping big-hearted business owners get unstuck is now my jam.

I believe in YOU. I believe you have something impactful to offer the world or you wouldn't be on this page. The longer you stay confused and stuck with your brand basics, the farther away your great big dreams remain.

Let's knock out the basics together in this workshop so you can move forward in confidence. I look forward to meeting you and diving in together!

Always my best,


Do I need to have design skills?

Do I need to have design skills?

Absolutely not. The beauty of this unique workshop is you will have my skill set working for you during our time together. During our intensive online, I'll share my screen as I work in Canva on your Brand Style Sheet. That way we can collaborate while I use my speedy tech/design skills on your behalf. You don't have to be "design savvy" at all. I got'chu!


What happens after I purchase?

After your purchase you will be emailed access to your guide + workbook, as well as access to the Workshop hub online. You can begin the workbook immediately! Also at the time of purchase you will be given a link to schedule your 1:1 call with me. I encourage you to book this call right away and not wait until you feel "done" with the guide.

What about a logo? Don't I need That too?


I tend to go against "the grain" with my thoughts here. While the rest of the world is screaming that you need a logo to start your business, I challenge that entirely.

YES, eventually you will want a logo. A logo that will take you to the next level. A custom logo that you OWN (ie, not a stock graphic / download from Etsy or Canva in which you are only granted a license to use their assets). This whole topic of rights / copyrights and ownership is a biggie and is for another day. But yes, you eventually will want to make that investment.

But do you need a logo to start your business and reach amazing success? Absolutely not. People who chase down a logo first thing usually end up getting stuck (it never "feels" right). They also quickly find that simply having a logo did not bring them customers or move the needle in their business. It honestly can be a form of shiny object syndrome.

Part of the intention behind this workshop is to get you to think differently and focus only on the things you NEED. The brand psychology infused into this workshop will carry you waaaaaay further than a random logo will, I promise. :)

Are there refunds?


Because of the digital nature of this workshop and the fact that you are granted immediate access to my proprietary Brand Starter Workshop™ guide/workbook and video screencasts, I cannot offer refunds. If something comes up and you are unable to attend the in-person 1:1 call, I will consider a partial refund on a case-by-case basis if rescheduling is not a possibility.

Limited spaces are available each month. Book your spot and let's goooooo!

A one-time payment of


Workshop terms & conditions


"Lyndsey was amazing and so great to work with! She was so insightful and helped me create a mood board that really spoke to my brand and my vision. I was so hung up with the colors and the fonts and she patiently guided me through the process of pairing the right colors and choosing the right fonts that conveyed my uniqueness. I would highly recommend Lyndsey, whether you are brand new or already a veteran, it really is worth it!"

-Gigi B.