I build highly profitable custom brands & websites for small businesses. Hop off the DIY crazy-train so you can get back to whatever's making you money!

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You're ready to level up your brand + website so that you can authentically show up as the competent professional you are! I get it! A cute little Pinterest logo isn't going to get'cha there. A Wix website isn't going to magically turn itself into a magnet for your dream clients, who actually end up BOOKING YOU. #amiright? You know I am. Because if it were that easy, you woulda already crafted that high-converting brand + website and you'd be celebrating on an island in Fiji somewhere. :)

You're here because you're ready to present your business to the world in a new way.

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For years I had an envy-worthy logo and beeeeautiful website, and do you know how many clients it brought me? None. Zip. Zero. Not gonna lie... that's a little shameful to admit!

While I had some word-of-mouth projects rolling in, my website sat as nothing more than an ineffective (albeit, pretty!) digital brochure.

I learned in a profoundly personal way that having a "nice looking" brand was not enough to build a lasting business.

After my own journey led me to find that sweet spot where good design + high-converting strategy meet, I had all the lightbulb moments, learned to ask some powerful questions, and completely overhauled the process I walk my clients through.

Now? Now I help clients go from unclear and stuck to highly profitable. I help them go from second-guessing themselves to walking in complete clarity as they serve their clients, make a living, and create lasting impact through their unique business.

Do my clients end up with gorgeous a brand and website? Of course! But as it turns out, that's just the icing on the proverbial cake. The real gold is found in the journey we'll take together and the process I'll use to guide us along the way.

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Are your design efforts working for you or against you?


Let's just say it: LOOKS MATTER. It's not enough to throw content on the web or on paper. All of your design efforts should look good! Beautiful, cohesive design draws the right customers in and resonates with them. We process visual content 600x faster than written content, so your brand visuals and design efforts are incredibly important!




You should have your logo & design assets in a variety of arrangements (horizontal, stacked, submarks, etc.) to fit many different spaces online and in print, and you should have a variety of formats (vector, png, jpg, etc.) Your brand assets need to look great in full color, single color, scaled large, scaled tiny... Using your brand elements should be practical and easy while maintaining brand integrity.



At the end of the day, if you aren't confident that your brand and website are generating a profit, your design efforts are nothing more than an art project. This is not what we want! By combining the science of strategy with the aesthetics of good design, my clients generate an amazing return on the work we do together. Your brand is one of your most valuable business assets... Be sure it's doing the heavy lifting for you!


YES! I'm ready to take my brand to the next level!

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Hello, new friend! I don't know about your journey, but entrepreneurship found me accidentally, during a time when I was creating logos for local businesses and running a design side-hustle (literally) from my kitchen.

Fast-forward many years, many mistakes, much growth, oodles of big dreams and yes, an actual office later... and I am now a thriving brand and web designer, focusing on strategic brand and web design that transforms my clients' businesses.

I know what it's like to feel unsure. To feel stuck. To second-guess every.freaking.thing... ESPECIALLY when it comes to the way you present your business to the world visually.

Learning how to take my "accidental" business and make it purposeful has given me a unique vantage point, and helping big-hearted business owners establish design that is pretty, practical and profitable is my jam!

So what do you think? Is now the time for you to take action and level things up? Click the button below and let's see if working together is the next best move for you.

Here's to GREAT things ahead!

Meet mandy + See her new brand and website


Mandy came to me when she'd been in business for about a year and knew that she needed to level up her brand + website so she could show up and serve her clients more authentically. Mandy has a great big heart and great big plans... The blend of her vision + my expertise allowed her project to be successful out of the gate!

Lyndsey working with you the last few months was a dream!

Mandy's new website paid for itself 6X over within two weeks of launching!

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Lyndsey is an amazing designer. Her creativity guided me through my entire project, and I love my new brand. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.

Debbie DeJesus

Lyndsey is so wonderful to work with. What I love about her is she took my vision and brought it to life in an amazing way! I also had ideas that actually did not need to be a part of my brand, and she noticed those and came up with ideas that were fabulous and so true to who I am as a person and a business woman! I highly recommend her!

Shawna Grande

Lyndsey working with you the last few months was a dream! It brought me such peace of mind knowing this project was in your hands because your eye for design is so acute. Not to mention you made the process thrilling because you involved me every step of the way. Thank you for that! If you're thinking about working with Lyndsey, DO IT! It's an absolute no brainer!

Mandy Lee

Lyndsey was fantastic to work with! We had ideas of what we did and didn’t want in our branding, but no idea what the finished product should look like. Lyndsey’s thoughtful questions, clear communication, industry knowledge, and design expertise resulted in a beautiful logo. It was clear we were in good hands every step of the way, and we couldn’t be happier with the final result!

Rebecca Shasberger

Lyndsey captured my vision quickly and intentionally. She really listened to my ideas and then made them come to life. I am so impressed with my brand and website... She’s a true professional. Clear, precise and practical, Lyndsey will wow you every time! 

Allison Carlson

When I engaged with Lyndsey for this next journey business, she really led me to dig deeper than I ever had before. This investment... the resources, time commitment, and following the ALL steps and process Lyndsey has established for business owners like me literally redefined the direction I knew I needed but wasn't sure how to get there myself. 

joy Porter