The Process

3 steps to build a brand & website that will grow your business

I'm so glad you're ready to level up your brand and website so that you can usher in a new season for your business! It's easier said than done, right? A cute logo from Canva isn't going to cut it. A Wix template isn't going to magically fill itself with branding and messaging that lands for your clients. #amiright? You know I am. Because if it were that easy, you would have done it by now and you'd be celebrating on an island in Fiji somewhere. :) So let's tackle this together.

Here's how it gets done...


PHASE ONE: Strategize

  • Establish your business goals
  • Identify your ideal customer
  • Clarify your service or offer
  • Create your Quick Pitch
  • Craft the Customer Journey

Foundational clarity


PHASE Two: Visualize

  • Tell your brand's Color Story
  • Choose your Brand Attributes
  • Create your Mood Board
  • Determine the overall vibe

Establish a "look & feel"


PHASE Three: Design

  • Main logo suite w/ submarks
  • Typeface selection & patterns
  • Brand identity collateral
  • Website build
  • Brand Playbook 
  • Style Reference Guide

Bring it to life

Let's Get Started