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A brief peek through the years...

It's an incredible gift to say I've partnered with literally hundreds of small businesses over the past two decades. My experience is vast and my knowledge ever-growing... but more than anything, my heart to see small businesses flourish never seems to tire! In addition to the currently featured projects above, enjoy a glimpse of the past below. The aesthetics alone don't tell you anything about each business's strategy or success, but hopefully it gives a nice look into the incredible variation that can come out of a great collaboration.

The "pretty" part of your brand - that gorgeous aesthetic that everyone sees - is like the proverbial icing on the cake at LB Brand Co. People come to me for that brand and web build, but they walk away with so.much.more. If you're looking for a beautiful brand identity AND you're ready to dive deep so we can get clear on your goals, whom you serve, what impact you want your business to have, how you can elevate your own client experience so that you can deliver top-notch results to your people... I am your gal! Let's hop on a call so we can get you off the DIY crazy train and into a brand that you won't be redoing next year or the year after. Let's build your vision so it lasts and serves you (and your clients!) well for a long time to come. Click below to book your call!