The Project

Anchor Point Lodge

Anchor Point Lodge is a non-profit that exists to partner with churches, ministries and families to provide a restful and refilling place where guests leave inspired and renewed. Located near beautiful Tahoe City, Anchor Point Lodge is strategically positioned both in the practical sense of easy accessibility from every direction, and also in the sense that guests are immersed in the majestic, awe-inspiring, soul-filling scenery of the Sierra Nevadas and Lake Tahoe. 

Their aesthetic vibe needed to communicate their warmth and sincerity. While Anchor Point strives to give guests a five-star experience, they simultaneously make themselves available to the under-resourced so that all can feel welcomed and included. Care and friendship are at the heart of Anchor Point Lodge, and everything we developed for their brand aesthetic was crafted to be clean and easy to interact with (with a hint of playfulness!) to strengthen and communicate their top values.

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