The Project

When Mandy came to me with her brand + web project, I knew she would be a special gal to work with. Her marketing and copywriting business was still in its infancy, yet her concerns centered around her ability to show up authentically and serve her clients well. Without the right look and feel, she wasn't clear on HOW to show up, so we needed to develop her brand personality and craft her website to attract the high-level, elite entrepreneurs she was already serving.

Fast forward to her launch date, and within two weeks of sending that brand new gorgeous site live, Mandy's new website paid for itself 6x over. Still going strong, Mandy has been able to position her services in such a way that she's now running a thriving six-figure business AND she has the confidence to show up and use her gifts well.

Quite possibly my favorite part, is that Mandy's impact does not start and stop with her own business. Mandy is helping HER clients to have their own unique impact in their own unique businesses as she infuses their marketing with what has connected humans since the beginning of time - the power of story. The ripple effect - the impact we're all meant to have far beyond ourselves - is my favorite thing about what I do (and what I help my clients do!) all while creating a gorgeous brand aesthetic and dreamy website.

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