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Marketing or Branding? One of the top questions and points of confusion for my clients is centered around marketing vs branding. What is the difference? What do I need? Which should I start out with? Lord knows if you google this question you will get a TON of answers, many of which are complex because […]

Marketing vs. Branding: Which one do I need first?

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If nothing else, I sure do love transparency. The chance to learn and grow from being honest with ourselves and honest with others…

My Cringe-Worthy Design Story…

Shiny object syndrome. Yes, it’s a thing. Both a blessing and a curse, shiny object syndrome is not new in the world of creative entrepreneurship.

Improve Your Website by Resisting Shiny Object Syndrome

Improve your website
Gain Clarity + Focus In Your Business

What if you had a vision for your business that was so solid that it helped drive every decision you make (rather than the blind leading the blind and just doing what your competitors are doing without evaluating it against YOUR goals and vision?)

The Most Important Question To Ask To Gain Clarity + Focus In Your Business

For many, the term “brand” is ambiguous and misunderstood, and therefore mistakenly used synonymously with “visual identity”… And that’s where it all starts and ends. But it’s also where the frustration begins… That visual identity ends up being all over the map, isn’t consistent, never “feels right,” definitely doesn’t bring in better (or the right type of) clients, doesn’t generate more revenue, and within a year or two, that well-meaning business owner is already looking for a change and is browsing the interwebs again. And the cycle repeats.

Client Perception + Experience Is Everything

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serve your clients

Don’t forget to serve. It takes intentionality to know what your clients need so that you can serve them well. The beautiful thing is this is what leads to a job well done, glowing reviews, and more clients coming your way because people are singing your praises! And yet it’s so completely authentic and allows your impact to be lasting and deep.

Don’t Forget To Serve